Graphics, Interaction, Virtual/Augmented Reality


Hi! I'm Keith. I'm a graduating Master's student at the University of Utah, studying Human Centered Computing. Most of my coursework involves Psychology and Human-Centered Software Design, as well as some Computer Graphics Programming and Artificial Intelligence (including Machine Learning).

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are my passion! I work with Rogelio Cardona-Rivera as part of the Qualitative Experience Design Lab in the University of Utah's School of Computing. There I research Human Interaction in Virtual Reality. My current project focuses on determining behavioral and affective differences in participant responses in virtual reality environments and desktop virtual enviornments.

I'm also a research engineer for the Visual Perception and Spatial Cognition lab, a joint lab between the Department of Psychology and the School of Computing at the University of Utah. In my role as a research engineer, I develop Augmented Reality applications in Unity, that allows experimentation on human vision and perception. Our current project examines recalibration of affordances in Augmented Reality using the Microsoft Hololens.

Take a look at my projects! If anything interests you feel free to reach out via my contact page, or on social media!

Curriculum Vitae